Hi.  My name is Ben and I am 11 years old.  One winter day when I was 8 years old,  I came home from school with dry and cracked hands.  I had an idea to combine soap and lotion together to make a new product--Soshen.  This makes your hands soft and smooth.  Because I want to help kids with cancer, I donated $2 of each bottle sold to Texas Children's Hospital for Cancer Research for children.  Then I started making other bath products, too. 


I now make Sugar Scrubs, Fizzy Bath Teas and Super Soothers!  I donate 20% of my sales profit to Texas Children's Hospital for cancer research for kids.   

When I made my 3rd $500 donation to Texas Children's Hospital, FOX 26 News came along and did a news story.  Click here on this link to watch the news story.

PS.  I can save you delivery charges if I can deliver to you at my church, my school or my Dad's work.  Just input where I can deliver to you in the Shipping Address Section where is has a blank for "Address Cont." and put in either "school", "church" or "Mark's office" then click "Local Delivery" on the next page.

Also, my brother Grant sells all-natural candles.  He makes and sells soy and beeswax candles.  Grant donates 20% of his profits to Freedom Service Dogs of America.  You can visit his website.  www.sweetwatercandlecompany.com